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Code: ASC-BHV-16-A2

Emergency response - plus


This three-day course consists of two days of first aid (the full First Aid course) and one day of fire, evacuation and communication. If you are dealing with specific risks within your company, it may be better to choose this course. Afterwards you will receive both a First Aid and a BHV certificate!

Providing first aid (2 days):
In this part of the course, students learn to assess and treat victims according to the ABC approach. Students learn CPR and how to deal with shock, skin wounds, severe external blood loss, burns, fractures and dislocations and eye injuries. In addition to the necessary theory, the skills are practiced and trained. The second day consists of illness and injury assessment and treatment and the execution of various scenarios.

Limiting and fighting a starting fire, communication and evacuation (1 day):
In this part, students learn how to extinguish a starting fire in practice. The theoretical part discusses how a fire starts and how it develops. Students learn how and with what means a fire can be extinguished. Naturally, the dangers of extinguishing are also discussed. Also in this section, attention is paid to cooperation with external emergency services. What information do you provide when reporting an incident? How does the alarm take place? What is the role of the emergency response officer in an eviction? What is in an evacuation plan? Which facilities must be installed in a building? These are all questions that will be answered in this part of the training.

Code: ASC-BHV-16-A2
Duration training
3 days
SafetyPro certificate

On request
Amersfoort, Breda, On-site training possible

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Training details
Number of people 4-12
Level Beginner
Training duration 3 days
Certificate SafetyPro certificate
Location Amersfoort, Breda, On-site training possible
Code ASC-BHV-16-A2