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IRATA Level 3


Do you want to work as a professional climber in the industry? Then follow an IRATA training to become a Rope Access Technician. IRATA has three training levels (levels). Regardless of your prior knowledge and experience, you always start at Level 1. Unfortunately, direct entry is not possible.

Level 3
High-level specialized training, emphasizing complex rescues, alternative rigging methods, responsibility for safety and procedures, and understanding of work situations. High demands are made on the climbing technique.

Entry requirements:

  • 1000 practical hours Level 2
  • 1 year Level 2 experience

First aid certificate before starting your first job as level 3. We recommend obtaining your first aid certificate before starting the level 3 training.

All courses consist of 4 days of intensive training, where 100% presence and commitment is required. After 4 days of training, there is an exam, administered by an accredited, independent IRATA examiner. The exam usually takes a whole day. Each exam includes an oral, theoretical and practical part.

Candidates level 2 & 3 must be able to demonstrate 1000 practical experience per level in the previous levels on the basis of their logbook (Rope Access; no fall protection). This is carefully checked by the examiner prior to the exam.

Certification and Recognition
Successful candidates receive an IRATA certificate for the relevant Level, an ID card and, during the first training also a logbook. Each certificate is valid for 3 years. For more information regarding (re)certification: read the blog.

Retraining / Refresher
Every three years you have to retake the exam. This exam is preceded by a 4-day retraining and must be followed at an IRATA training company. IRATA states that referesher training should be followed if one has not used rope techniques for six months. The refresher must contain at least what rope techniques are required to carry out the job. This is possible at an IRATA training company, but also on site under the supervision of a level 3 supervisor. The refresher must be signed off in the logbook.

Do you have any questions regarding IRATA training, certification or membership? Do let us know. We are happy to help you.

Code: IRATA 3 01
Duration training
5 days
IRATA certificate


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Training details
Number of people 4-8
Level Expert
Training duration 5 days
Certificate IRATA certificate
Location Amersfoort
Code IRATA 3 01