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Code: IRATA 3 Refresh

IRATA Level 3 – Refresher


Refresher of the IRATA 3 high level specialized training, focusing on complex rescues, alternative rigging methods, responsibility for safety and procedures and understanding of work situations. High demands on the climbing technique of participants, IRATA 3 is not for everyone.

Prior knowledge and/or experience with regard to the treated teaching material is required and consists of:

  • Minimum 1 year level 2
  • Minimum 2000 logged rope access working hours

After successfully completing this training, participants will have or be able to:

  • knowledge in the field of risk inventory, action plan and emergency plan
  • an in-depth understanding of (theoretical) knowledge in the field of relevant rules of the Occupational Health and Safety Act/Arbo Decree/Arbo Policy Rules | Health & Safety Catalogue
  • knowledge of the requirements set by the legislator for personal protective equipment with regard to tests/inspections, training and use
  • knowledge of the relevant conclusions from the PPE regulation
  • knowledge of equipment use: workplace limitation, work positioning, fall protection and rope access
  • knowledge of forces/energy caused during a fall: energy conversion, impact force and fall factor
  • knowledge of equipment limitations
  • use standard equipment for working at height with rope techniques correctly
  • use and apply the different areas of application related to working at height correctly
  • correctly perform the maneuvers in accordance with level 3 as stated in the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP).
  • a thorough understanding of the responsibilities associated with the level

For more information regarding (re)certification: read our blogs and/or the information below.

Retraining / Refresher
Every three years you have to retake the exam. This exam is preceded by a 4-day retraining and must be followed at an IRATA training company.


  • repeating techniques, standards and guidelines
  • updating material knowledge
  • discuss and simulate practical problems or questions
  • practicing rescue techniques.

IRATA states that referesher training should be followed if one has not used rope techniques for six months. The refresher must contain at least the rope techniques required to carry out the job. This is possible at an IRATA training company, but also on site under the supervision of a level 3 supervisor. The refresher must be signed off in the logbook.

Do you have any questions regarding IRATA training, certification or membership? Do let us know. We are happy to help you.

Code: IRATA 3 Refresh
Duration training
5 days
IRATA certificate


Available dates
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Training details
Number of people 4-8
Level Expert
Training duration 5 days
Certificate IRATA certificate
Location Amersfoort
Code IRATA 3 Refresh
25 november 2022
25 november 2022