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Code: ITRA 3 OI

ITRA Level 3


High-level specialized training, focusing on complex rescues, alternative rigging methods, responsibility for safety and procedures, and a thorough understanding of work situations. High demands are made on the climbing technique.

Target group: Specialized practical training for anyone involved in working with rope techniques.
Prior knowledge: Prior knowledge and/or experience with regard to the treated teaching material is required and consists of:

  • Minimum 1 year level 2
  • Minimum 2000 logged rope access working hours

After successfully completing this training, participants will have or be able to:

  • an in-depth theoretical knowledge in the field of risk inventory, action plans and emergency plans
  • an in-depth knowledge in the field of relevant rules of the Occupational Health and Safety Act/Arbo Decree/Arbo Policy Rules | Health & Safety Catalogue
  • knowledge of the requirements set by the legislator for personal protective equipment with regard to tests/inspections, training and use
  • knowledge of the relevant conclusions from the PPE regulation
  • knowledge of equipment use: workplace limitation, work positioning, fall protection and rope access
  • knowledge of forces/energy caused during a fall: energy conversion, impact force and fall factor
  • knowledge of equipment limitations
  • use standard equipment for working at height with rope techniques correctly
  • use and apply the different areas of application related to working at height correctly
  • correctly perform the maneuvers in accordance with level 3 as stated in the ITRA code of conduct
  • a thorough understanding of the responsibilities associated with the level.

ITRA level 3: Advanced team leader. Takes charge of height rescue, low angle stretcher rescues and high angle stretcher rescues.

Code: ITRA 3 OI
Duration training
5 days
ITRA certificate

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Amersfoort, Breda

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Training details
Number of people 4-6
Level Expert
Training duration 5 days
Certificate ITRA certificate
Location Amersfoort, Breda
Code ITRA 3 OI